Bridging Web and Local Networks
Welcome To UltiDev - The Server Software Company.
Straight to the Point

We will take your local/intranet web application and make it
available on Internet in a secure, reliable manner.

If you create a web application that provides access to the data stored on household networks or office desktops, UltiDev LLC will make your web application available on the web by taking care of all the obstacles in your way, like dynamic IP addresses, firewalls, lack of SSL, and user authentication.

The Vision

People create their content, you write web-based software to make this content accessible, and we deliver it on the Internet.

UltiDev LLC is poised to unlock an enormous market of household and office desktop web applications by providing a soon-to-be announced set of technologies that makes consumer data sharing on the web as easy as snap of fingers.
We believe that people want easy and secure access to their household and office desktop data from anywhere in the world. We believe that people prefer web-based access to other means of access, like VPN. And we believe web application developers are eager to create software that will bring this content forward.