About UltiDev LLC
UltiDev LLC is a privately held software company based in Atlanta, GA.

Why We Are In Business

Millions of households around the world now have more than one networked PC and a broadband Internet connection. Lots of households have an always-on PC or PVR that can play the role of household network server. These household networks, as well as office local networks, are treasure islands of content largely inaccessible from outside world due to obstacles like dynamic IP addresses, firewalls and a lack of software that would make this content available on the Web. Even owners of the content don’t have easy access to it once they leave the house or office. All those digital pictures, music, calendar data, shopping lists, emails, blogs, security camera feeds, family tree data – everything is there, but not available even to people with whom this information is meant to be shared.

UltiDev LLC stands to change it. We believe that people want easy and secure access to their household and office desktop data from anywhere in the world. We strongly believe that for most people web-based access is vastly more convenient compared to access via VPN. And we believe web application developers are eager to create software that will bring this content forward.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.