UltiDev HttpVPN™ Release Notes

Release Log

December 27, 2009. Beta 2.

New Features:
  • Support of integrated Windows authentication, both NTLM and Kerberos.
  • Support of Microsoft AJAX UpdatePanel.
  • Support of JASON web service calls from the client JavaScript code.
  • Added file association (.HVPNA file extension) to simplify re-registration of redistributable web apps.
  • Support of IPv6 addresses of registered apps. (UltiDev Cassini does not yet support IPv6. Other web server need to be used for IPv6.)
  • Guide docs (Developer's Guide, Visual Studio Installer Creation Guide, Operations Guide, End User's Guide) are revised and updated.
Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed: "Finish" button at the end of the redistributable application registration process was not working.
  • Fixed: In Windows 7 and Vista, Proxy/Application registration utility needed to run in admin mode but was not prompting user. Now application requests admin mode from the OS and OS prompts the user.
  • Fixed: Deletion of a registered proxy at the portal lead to losing purchased applications served by the deleted proxy.
  • Fixed: Applications had to reside in the same subnet as the Proxy. Added support of multiple NICs and multiple IP addresses per NIC, as long as the IP is not connected to Internet directly.
  • Fixed: "mailto:" links were replaced by HttpVPN Proxy.

July 30, 2009. Beta 1 release of HttpVPN.

   Summary of New HttpVPN Proxy Features:

  • Host service + plug-in design allows remote updates of the Proxy functionality.
  • Secure communication between the Proxy and the Portal.
  • Fast URL replacement to convert intranet-based HTML links to Internet-based one.
  • Ability to work with many web applications running on multiple machines using different operating systems (Proxy itself requires Windows).
  • Redistributable Proxy components can be added to web apps' installation packages made for Windows. Developers using Visual Studio to build their installers can add UltiDev HttpVPN Proxy as a setup project prerequisite, similar to how SQL Server Express or .NET Framework gets included into installation packaged.

   Known Problems:

  • Windows/Integrated Authentication not working yet. It will be added in one of the subsequent Proxy releases.
  • Final screen of the redistributable web application registration flow does not close either automatically, or when Finish button is pressed. The workaround is to hit [X] "close window" button on the top right corner of the window.
  • On Windows Vista, Proxy registration program needs to be launched with right-click and "Run as Administrator".